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Jaaari Monster Creator Or Replacement Please


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Hi, I used to create maps for my friends years ago and used the good ol' Jaaari Monster Editor page thing, and as I was thinking of making another map for the same friends years later as a sort of surprise adventure, I found (to my dismay) that the Jaaari Monster Editor page was nowhere to be found! All the old links are dead and all the editing tools I used are now outdated!


So my point: Please, if anyone is out there reading this, link me to a monster editor application or webpage. Either the old Jaaari one is fine or whatever replacement all of you must be using.


Thank you for your time! And goodbye, Jaaari Monster Creator/Editor, old friend.



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Originally Posted By: Taka
Thanks for offering, but I made these maps with my friends in mind, they're highly specific on what characters to use and also in the in-game jokes.

Oh, and there are some jokes that the general audience would probably find offensive.

So yeah, sorry! but thanks!

You're pretty much aloud to put in anything.
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Originally Posted By: Ackrovan
You're pretty much aloud to put in anything.

Originally Posted By: Ackrovan
pretty much aloud

Originally Posted By: Ackrovan
laugh...Sorry, but this spelling error is actually amusing.

(if you're wondering, it should be "allowed".)
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Originally Posted By: Ephesos
sounds like it could've possibly simplified the process a little.
I know mine would've; the point of my attempt at making editors was to try and simplify the interface. I tried using Jaaari's editors; they're good, albeit rather cumbersome.

By the way, I found my item & creature editors. The item editor is nearly complete and (as far as I can tell, since I'm my only beta tester) fairly bug-free, if anyone wants to host it and/or take a look at it.
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Cool! Just give me about a week to slap together some kind of user guide/FAQ (I don't know how to write actual help files). Also, when I originally wrote the editor, I tried to make it fairly self-explanatory.


I'll also include the source code, in case anyone wants to look at that, too. And before someone asks, I'm going to release it as open source, so if anyone wants to add features, or port the editor to another language and/or operating system, feel free.

Can also take a look if it's windows.
It is. You might want to download the VB6 runtime files from Microsoft before trying the editor, though.


I know my editors will run in Win98, XP, and Vista; I haven't tried Windows 7 yet (even though I have a copy), but I don't see why it shouldn't.

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Okay ladies, gentlemen, etc., my item editor is all zipped and ready to go!

Originally Posted By: Taslim
I could host it for you, if you want.

Just let me know where to send it, and it's yours to host. And as I said, I'm releasing it as open source, so everyone is free to port it to any programming language, operating system, etc.

Originally Posted By: The Mystic
some kind of user guide/FAQ
This was the first time I've written one of these, so it's a bit amateurish (and it shows), but I think it gets the point across.
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