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Quest Items (Spoiler)[G5]

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Items to be kept for fulfilling quests are -


1 saltweed

1 wiry moss

all research notes

all swamp herbs


You can sell everything else: shaper equipment, paper, iron and gold bars, animal and fine skins, etc,


Gemstones are used for crafting some items so if you want you can keep some along with saltweed, wiry moss, and creation parts. I sold most of mine.

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I didn't want to make a new thread for every question, so I'm hoping it's okay to post quest questions here.


Mera: The hint book says I will get a "noxious powders" quest, but nobody I talk to will give me that quest. Is that something that will come after I fulfill a first quest for somebody? Thanks.

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Go to Quothes Labotory. Hike along the northern wall and search each of the cabinets. You'll eventually find the one with the powders. Wait until Quothe is out of sight and snatch them before he can see you. If you have creations with you, it helps to leave them deactivated near the exit.


The Last Archon

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