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Canisters and books (Spoilers)[G5]

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Some canisters are only available to players that have joined a speciic faction. You can only get one reward from the Testing Hall.


Fire Shaping

Create Fyora - Foundry Promenade (spellbook), Testing Hall Shaping Reward, Haria -Kel


Create Roamer - Whitespire Pass (canister)

Create Drayk - Foundry Repository (Repository D - Trakovite) (canister),

Podling Crossroads (canister)

Create Kyshakk - Secret Laboratory (canister)

Create Drakon - Gazaki-Uss (canister), Kayar's Spire Cells (canister), Inner

Gazaki-Uss (canister)


Battle Shaping

Create Thahd - West Foundry Core (canister)

Create Clawbug - Testing Hall Shaping Reward, Kratoa Stoneworks (canister)

Create Battle Alpha - West Shadow Road (canister)

Create Rotghroth - West Passes (canister)

Create War Trall - Gazaki-Uss (canister), Camp West Alpha (canister)


Magic Shaping

Create Artila - Foundry Core (canister)

Create Vlsih - Kaz (canister)

Create Glaahk - Gorash-Kel (canister)

Create Wingbolt - Bonepeak Ruins (canister)

Create Gazer - Gazaki-Uss (canister), Dera Lost Vault (canister),Inner

Gazaki-Uss (canister)


Create Ornk - Lost Dera Vault (canister)


Healing Craft

Minor Heal - Inner Gazaki- Uss (canister)

Cure Affliction - Testing Hall Healing Craft Reward

Essence Infusion - Isenwood's Spire (canister), Testing Hall Healing Craft Reward

Heal - Testing Hall Healing Craft Reward

Regeneration Aura - Infested Crossroads (canister)

Group Heal - Murkwood (canister), Foundry Repository (Repository Key D - Trakovite) (canister)

Banish Affliction - Gazaki-Uss (canister)

Major Heal - Mountain Crossroad (canister)

Cleanse Group - Lerman's Pass (canister)

Mass Restore - Zephyr Oasis (canister)


Battle Magic

Firebolt - Inner Gazaki-Uss (canister)

Burning Spray

Searer - Testing Hall Battle Reward

Icy Spray - North Mera Road (canister)

Lightning Aura - Foundry Repository (Repository key D - Trakovite) (canister)

Shocking Rain - Nodye Pass (canister)

Acid Shower - Abandoned Farms (canister)

Kill - Haria-Kel (canister) if in Astoria's faction

Essence Lances - Perikalia Orchards (canister)

Purifying Rain - Gazaki-Uss (canister), Kayar's Spire (canister)


Mental Magic

Daze - Kratao-Kel (canister - 2 levels)

Mindshield Aura

Wrack - Foundry Core East (canister)

Unlock - East Shadow Road (canister)

Terror - Penta (canister)

Dominate - Stormhold (canister)

Essence Shackles - Fort Defiance (canister)

Strong Daze - Middle Shadow Road (canister)

Charm - Gazaki-Uss (canister) - Lethia Pass quest reward and in Laboratory

Mass Madness - Pacification Road (canister)


Blessing Magic

War Blessing


Essence Shield - Hatra Ruins (canister - 2 levels)

Speed - Testing Hall Battle Reward, Southwestern Okavano (cansiter)

Thorny Aura - Mera Fields (buy - canister)

Battle Aura - Helft Ruins (canister)

Essence Blade - Thistlewood (canister)

Essence Armor - Outside Gazaki-Uss (canister)

Elemental Aura - Gorash-Kel (canister)

Battle Roar - Gazaki-Uss (canister), Lethia Pass (canister)


Strength - Control Core B (canister)

Missle Weapons - Foundry Repository (Repository key D - Trakovite) (canister)

Blessing Magic - Bennhold's Keeep (canister)

Healing Craft - Lost Dera Vault (Sage Taygen faction)




zone 2 - Isenwood's Spire - Essence Infusion (cansister)

zone 3 - Foundry Promenade - Create Fyora (spellbook)

zone 4 - The Testing Hall - Rewards (only one group)

Battle magic - Searing and Speed

Shaping - Create Fyora and Create Clawbug

Healing - Cure Affliction, Essence Infusion, and Heal

zone 5 - West Foundry Core - Create Thahd (canister)

zone 6 - Foundry Core East - Wrack (canister)

zone 7 - Foundry Core - Create Artila (canister)

zone 8 - Foundry Repository - Repository Key D (Trakovite) - (canisters)

Lightning Aura, Create Drayk, Group Heal, Missle Weapons

zone 9 - Whitespire Pass - Create Roamer (canister)

zone 10 - North Mera Road - Icy Spray (canister)

zone 12 - Haria-Kel - Create Fyora (canister)

Kill (canister) if in Astoria's faction

zone 14 - Mera Fields - Spine Shield (canister)

zone 15 - Battle Aura (canister)

zone 16 - Infested Crossroads - Regeneration Aura (canister)

zone 17 - Kaz - Create Vlsih (canister)

zone 18 - Murkwood - Group Heal (canister)

zone 21 - Nodye Pass - Shocking Rain (canister)

zone 22 - Penta - Terror (canister)

zone 25 - Gorash-Kel - Create Glaahk (canister), Elemental Aura (canister)

zone 26 - West Shadow Road (canister)

zone 27 - East Shadow Road - Unlock (canister)

zone 28 - Middle Shadow Road - Strong Daze (canister)

zone 29 - Secret Laboratory - Create Kyshakk (canister)

zone 31 - Southwestern Okavano - Speed (canister)

zone 35 - Kratoa-Kel - Daze (canister -2 levels)

zone 36 - Kratoa Stoneworks - Create Clawbug (canister)

zone 37 - Lerman's Pass - Cleanse Group (canister)

zone 39 - Hatra Ruins - Essence Shield (canister - 2 levels)

zone 42 - Stormhold - Dominate (canister)

zone 43 - Podling Crossroads - Create Drayk (canister)

zone 44 - West Passes - Create Rotghroth (canister)

zone 45 - Fort Defiance - Essence Shackles (canister)

zone 46 - Abandoned Farms - Acid Shower (canister)

zone 47 - Mountain Crossroad - Major Heal (canister)

zone 49 - Thistlewood - Essence Blade (canister)

zone 52 - Control Core B - Strenght (canister)

zone 58 - Outside Gazaki-Uss - Essence Armor (canister)

zone 59 - Bonepeak Ruins - Create Wingbolt (canister)

zone 60 - Gazaki-Uss -

Banish Affliction (canister) - room opened by Mehken

Charm (canister) - Mehken's Lethia Pass quest reward

Create War Trall (canister) - Ghaldring's Break the Line quest reward

Create Drakon (canister) - Ghaldring's Reach Tholoss quest reward ?

Create Gazer (canister) - Ghaldring's Four Shapers quest 1st reward?

Charm (canister)

Battle Roar (canister)

Purifying Rain (canister)

zone 62 - Perikalia Orchards - Essence Lances (canister)

zone 64 - Zephyr Oasis - Mass Restore (canister)

zone 65 - Camp West Alpha - Create War Trall (canister)

zone 67 - Lethia Pass - Battle Roar (canister)

zone 69 - Bennhold's Keep - Blessing Magic (canister)

zone 71 - Dera Lost Vault - Create Gazer (canister), Create Ornk (canister)

Sage Taygen faction - Healing Craft (canister)

zone 74 - Pacification Road - Mass Madness (canister)

zone 76 - Kayar's Spire Cells - Create Drakon (canister)

zone 77 - Kayar's Spire - Purifying Rain (canister)



zone 61 - Inner Gazaki-Uss -

Firebolt (canister)

Minor Heal (canister)

Create Drakon (canister)

Create Gazer (canister)



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Are the secondary creations (Cryoa, etc) all the same as in G5, or have any changed? Anybody got a list? smile


Edit: And if anybody could post a list of essence cost for all creations (I'm assuming there have been a few tweaks, as usual) it would be greatly appreciated as well.

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Are there penalties for spending skill points and/or using canisters and books when it comes to trainers? If I have already used two canisters of fyora, for example, can I still train in it twice? I'm just wondering if it's best to wait until later to use canisters or train with books.


Also, how much does it affect game play to use the canisters in G5? I'm wondering how violent/unstable my character will become. :=)

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Hi Guys,


Thanks for the guide, definetly helped me out.


There's one canister that's giving me trouble though... in the very list of this forum, the one in Zone 17 (zone isn't labled) - Create Vlish. Well for one, not knowing the zone makes it difficult to begin with, but that aside... I did clear the zones around it and I'm not sure that I missed any, but I guess I must have. In any case, if someone could point me in the right direction, would much appreciate it.

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