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Custon Scenario Pictures


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I have looked into the source code for hints on getting custom scenario pictures. I have found that the thingy that controls the icon number is located at line 1254 in KEYDLGS.cpp:

void edit_scen_intro_event_filter (short item_hit){	char str[256];	short i;		switch (item_hit) {		case 9:			scenario.intro_pic = CDGN(804,8);			if ((scenario.intro_pic < 0) || (scenario.intro_pic > 29)) {				give_error("Intro picture number is out of range.","",804);				break;				}			for (i = 0; i < 6; i++)				CDGT(804, 2 + i,scen_strs[4 + i]);			dialog_not_toast = FALSE; 			break;		case 10: 			dialog_not_toast = FALSE; 			break;		case 16:			i = CDGN(804,8);			i = choose_graphic(1600,1629,1600 + i,804);			if (i >= 0) {				CDSN(804,8,i - 1600);				csp(804,11,i );				}			break;		}}


Icons are 32x32. However, to my knowledge all other graphics are either 28x36 or 36x36. The monster picture thingy is located at line 1275 in SCENARIO.cpp.


		case 28: // talk pic			if (save_monst_info() == FALSE) break;			i = choose_graphic(1001,1084,store_monst.default_facial_pic + 1000,814);			if (i >= 0) {				store_monst.default_facial_pic = i - 1000;				}				else break;			put_monst_info_in_dlog();			break;


Would it be possible to duplicate the portrait thingy and change it to work with custom 32x32 graphics? Would it be possible to let it use a 36x36 and trim the outside off? I think this would be relatively easy to implement, but who am I to talk? I can't even compile frown . Anyway, what do you programming types think?

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