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Object won't stack


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In the Editor Documents, it says that item variety 21 (object) will stack with "like items". But for some reason, an item isn't stacking with an item of the same number. (Dark Goo won't stack with Dark Goo).


It is a custom item, by the way. Is the editor documents wrong? Is there another variety that will make it stack without having any uses?

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Were you trying to stack it while it wasn't identified? Did you set the number of charges in the script to 1? (Yeah, BoA is kind of finicky and demands that stackable items have a charge)


If that's not the case, try changing the item definition so it's an import of item 203.


-It might be easier to see the problem if you posted the script for the item.

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Yes, but if it doesn't have charges, then a stack of 100 items would be the same as a single item.


What I'm getting at is that you have to have charges for an item to stack. If you were stacking items without charges, the result would be one single item, still with no charges. You'd just be deleting the extra items. I understand that food and gems and such will stack, but these still have charges (even if they don't have an ability that can use them up.)

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