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Due to recent crashes at the new Spiderweb Forum, and the recent death of Polaris, I (w-dueck) have decided to start up a new satellite forum. Calamity Refuge Forums will be primarily for BoE discussion, but there are forums for all other Spiderweb games as well. These forums are much more stable than UBB and are very customizable. We also offer private boards for beta-testers and basically anyone who wants one.
However, we are in desperate need of members and Moderators. As of Thursday night, we have four Moderators, one Global Moderator, and one Administrator. There are currently 15 open staff positions and seven members. If you are interested, please head over to the forums (http://whitehall.smf4u.com) and register. If you don't want the added responsibility of a staff position, please head over anyway!

The following is a complete list of all CRF Admin/mods.

* Forum Administrator - w-dueck
* Global Moderators - Vergil / OPEN

Board Moderators

* General - Iffy / OPEN
* Misc. - OPEN / OPEN
* BoE - BainIhrno / Andrex Kitten
* BoA - Nioca / OPEN
* Nethergate + N:R - OPEN / OPEN
* Avernum 4-5 - OPEN / OPEN
* Geneforge - OPEN / OPEN
* Avernum+Exile Trilogy - OPEN / OPEN

w-dueck, Nioca, Iffy, BainIhrno, Andrex Kitten, and Vergil
CRF Staff

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