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How does registration work when you get new comp


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If you buy a game online without a CD, and specify the 5-digit code, and then buy a new computer, what happens?


Are you able to use the same code on a freshly downloaded copy of the game, do you contact CS, or what?


I do see in another thread someone was 'generously' given a new registration code for this, what's the policy?

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Originally Posted By: Tyranicus
You will not be able to use the same code, but you can contact Jeff (spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com) with your purchase info and your new unregistered game code, and he will send you the new registration code.

Thanks. Seems like a bit of overhead for him:) Can you do that a couple times, I might get a computer for the living room and one for the computer room. I'm not sure if it's licensed for one person on two computers at the same time (not playing at the same time, but licensed concurrently).
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Jeff is very obliging about this sort of thing. Some people here have had to request new registration codes five or six times over the course of a few years, and he's always replied within a couple of days. It's only a few minutes of work on his part to send you a new code, and if you're already a paying customer he trusts that you're not trying to cheat him.

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