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A little BoE editor help please.


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In KF (my scenario) the party is supposed to start with no magic and get just a tiny bit (heal and bless) for help in the scenario but I've run into a snag. It's easy enough to take away spells from a pre-made party but is there any way to give back the first 30? In both the Affect PC: Give Spell and Dialogue: Spell Store the spells start at Poison/Cure All Poison skipping everything before. Am I missing something or am I gonna have to work it out differently?

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You'll have to find another way, unfortunately. I think Stareye modified the nodes in the Mac BoE so that you could edit those spells, but it's impossible in the original BoE and current Windows versions.


Furthermore, I believe there may be problems where the party will spontaneously get such removed low-level spells back, although I don't know what triggers it.

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