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Ethics of editing buggy BoE scenarios.


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So, now that password checking has been removed from the editor, the question that comes to mind is: When is it Ok to edit a scenario and when should one be left alone?


I don't want to step on anyones toes or stray from what they were trying to make. There are two scenarios that I have always wanted 'fixed'. Kistar's Quest and, um, forget the name but one of Frahhamn's scenarios. Their stories intrigued me despite all the bugs and I think they are worth being told without the bugs.

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The problem is that then there is no way to identify which version has the bug and which doesn't except by opening up the scenario files and looking. If nothing else, I would increment the version number by 0.0.1 in a prominent place (or assign a new 1.0.1 number).

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Fixing a bug so future users can better enjoy a scenario is a good idea. As long as it's identified it shouldn't make a difference.


You don't want too many versions floating out there so it might help to have a topic where people can post which scenarios are being revised.

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