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To thou who wants good ol' retro Exile graphics


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Despite fact that I'm not new on this forum, it's my first post so far (made by this account - I forgot the password for previous one, named Dervish Limoncelli), so I'd like to welcome everyone.


Ad rem.


Many people were asking for those old graphics for Exile I & II. Good news for you - I have them, and now I'm going to post them. Enjoy.

Exile II terrain:



Exile I terrain:



Pity that I didn't managed to do the preview thumbs. Oh well, that ubb-code had beaten me wink

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They have been downloaded. I haven't looked through them yet. Some old stuff is already up like Alec's edited versions and some terrain...


...and you spelled the wrong word wrong. wink


Edit: Looks like I have the original terrains up but not the second set. Alec did the attack poses for the second set and not the first but apart from making these zips a permanent download at my site, I don't think I'll put anything except the second terrain up. Unless someone feels like making attack poses for the original monsters but they're basically the same except for the black outline.

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