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Best Avernum line EVAR!

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The great thing about any avernum game is the exceptional writing. For example, taken from one of Lark's quests after you return with the ectoplasm from the Moref the Shade. Lark then makes the soup and:


"She takes some of it herself and gives the rest to you. Sadly, this soup is the most disgusting so far. You have to clap your hands over your mouth to keep it from flying out of your throat. Ghosts taste bad."


I'm still trying to get over this one! LOL

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I would have to say the very best Avernum line ever was from back in #3:


"I love horses. In a healthy, natural way, of course."


Years later, that one (and creative variations thereof) is still being repeated by friends of mine, some of whom never even actually played the game.

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Yes it would, Kel.


Some of my favorite A5 lines:

  • Fortunato: "I can hardly be the only chef down here who has to repeatedly kill his ingredients."
  • Lysstak: "Once I will slay you, I will tell myself what I have to do not to die and be able to tell myself what I have to do to not die so that I will be fine when I am... me?"
  • Kingsley: "Some might say that there were more chitrachs [in the Eastern Gallery] than was entirely reasonable."
  • Giants' Spire Altar: "It blesses all who unnecessarily subject themselves to considerable torment. Fortunately, if anyone fits this description, you do."
  • Lake of Trials: "You find yourself in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike."
  • Rat: "Squeak."
  • About the Hraithe in the Howling Depths: "An undead creature lurking in a cave full of skulls is probably not your friend."
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Submitting to Dervish Tholmen gives amusing results:

You lay down your weapons. Dervish Tholmen orders his warriors to seize and bind you.


He is true to his word. Your death is quick and as painless as possible. He regrets it horribly.


And, while they dispose of your bodies by flinging them over the cliff, they do it with respect, and they only strip away some of your equipment first. You will arrive in the afterlife properly equipped.

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My favorite line is the message that appears when one of your characters first dies in Avernum 1 or 2, I think. It goes something like this.

"One of the characters in your party has died. Death is a disease that has symptoms like fatigue, not responding to activity, etc."

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I must say that the writing in the Spiderweb Software games is probably the thing that makes it more than anything.


Avernum 4 was a bit lacking in this regard, as Jeff knows - I'm looking forward to playing A5 when it comes out for windows.

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