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Spiderweb Software Releases Avernum Trilogy CD, Lowers Prices


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Spiderweb Software Releases Avernum Trilogy CD, Lowers Prices


Spiderweb Software, an independent game developer specializing in fantasy role-playing adventures for Windows and Macintosh, announces the vigorous cheapening of their entire line of games. Practically everything is now available in bundles, for gamers who want an enormous amount of adventuring for less money.


The hit Avernum Trilogy is now available on one handy CD-ROM for $45. Avernum is a subterranean nation, a gigantic prison for unfortunate people who were banished from the surface of the world. Experience the epic tale of the Avernites, as they struggle to survive and return to the surface world.


The first three games of the Geneforge saga are now available for $55. Geneforge is a fantasy adventure with a science-fiction twist. You are a Shaper, a member of a secretive sect with the ability to make and mold life to serve your purposes. In these open-ended games, you can serve your people, change sides to fight them, and seek your goals with your own horde of custom-made mutant monsters.


And if you suspect that all of are games are, in fact, terrible, we are eager to convince you otherwise. Each of our games has a big, free demo. You can make good and sure you like the game before you give up your hard-earned cash. The Avernum demos are available at




and the rest of our games are at




- Jeff Vogel

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