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F***** up sounds


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A jaffa mocking me? Of couse I had it coming saying im from Dargaville, but im not I just go to school there. I live in Aratapu best of luck finding where that is! (note: saying its in the North Island dosnt count you stupid jaffa) cool

I double posted because my 640 KB of ram run out so I pressed the submit button many times smile

And your lryics sucked

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FB, the CoC is not the be-all and end-all of posting norms. You don't actually have to quote it every time there's a slight infringement. That said, I agree with the principle: it would be nice if such petty arguments were kept off the boards. Even nicer if they didn't happen at all, but you can't have everything.


And the sounds: Either there's a problem with your computer's sound hardware/software, (unlikely unless you've experienced similar problems in other games, in which case very likely) or there's something wrong with the sound files. Backing up savegames and reinstalling never hurt anyone...



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