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Avernum 3 - Goblin Crash


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I'm playing the unregistered (I'm considering registering it, but I'm a bit short on cash for the moment) version of Avernum 3 for pc. I played the Exile games a long time ago (on my good old Mac LC III), so it's sort of nostalgic. However I've encountered a bug of some kind. Almost every time I'm fighting ogres the game crashes giving me a dialogue window saying:


"Unhandled Exception


Unhandled exception: c000001d

At Address: 00424220"


Is this a known bug? Is there somekind of patch which addresses this problem, or is there something I can do to avoid it?


(I can't very well register the game unless I know there is a way to avoid this bug, since it would seem impossible to progress in the game if it crashes on these encounters... )

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