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Hello to all! Need a little help with updating. Congratulations to the new daughter!


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I bought Avernum 4 v1.0 in December (running on Mac. OS X 10.4.5) last year. Today I received the newsletter. Avernum 4 is now v1.0.3. There is no upgrade available from version 1.0. Seems I have to download the whole game again, is that right? What puzzles me even more is that I always have to download the trialversion first and that there is no way to find out if that is the newest version. On the homepage it is always called Avernum 4. Do I need a new registration code after downloading? I enjoy playing Avernum 4 very much.

Thank you for your help.


Greetings to all, pointloma 1900 smilesmilesmile

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I think this ought to be in Tech Support. smile


On that note, if you do need to reinstall and unlock the game again, you can email Jeff to ask him for a new code. You probably need to tell him what credit card you used or something, but I hear he has no problem with giving out new codes as often as you need them.

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For the Mac version you need to download version 1.0.1 (about 20M) and then the patch v1.0.3 (1.2M) to upgrade. The preferences file from the v1.0 should still work so you can play the full game. There were too many changes for the patch to work with the original game. The icon when you move the cursor over it should show the version number.


The Windows version was done later so you only need the patch.


Update: The Demo version that is currently downloaded may have the patch. Check what is written about it.

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