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Here are a few useful links to help answer questions. You may need to go through the topic since these are usually discussions.


I only tested links with SW pages and not to other sites for editors.


Mods, feel free to update and modify as needed.



Annotated Maps



Synergy's Item List

Wisdom Crystals/Knowledge Brew locations

Spellbooks and Arcane Lore

Damage from weapons and spells

Best Weapon

Weapon debate

Thrown weapons

New Armor system

Item Crafting


Party Creation

Trait/Race bonus effect

Torment level party

Favorite Party

Custom Party

Maximizing Skill Point Investment

Character creation help

Party/creation help

Enduring Priest Tank

Singleton Party


Frail + Brittle Bones

35% XP bonus singleton

0-tool use singleton

Demo Solo without spells

Dynamic Duo

Trick for more than 2 nephil/slith graphics


Skills and Abilities


Special Skills

Trainer skill listing


Skills for Reducing Damage

Hardiness and Armor

Dexterity vs Armor

Pure Spirit vs Natural Mage

Unlock door with tool use explanation

Nimble Fingers and tool use

Quick strike and fast on feet

Quick Strike and Quick Action



Magery, Spellcraft, and Magical Efficiency

Magical Efficiency

War Blessing


Editors and Trainers

Micro Phage's A4 Editor

Editor Help

Editing Game Files

Abilities List



Lark's Scrolls



Aranea Stoneseer




Stealing Items

Armor affecting spell casting

Marsh Worm fangs

Piercing Crystals

Knowledge Brew Alchemist

Item Storage



Moral Dilemmas


Suggestions for Not Sucking at A4

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I'm running Mac OS 10.12.6 and the game runs but the keyboard does not work in the game. So you cannot rename characters, do a quicksave or respond to dialog elements by hitting the numbers. The game will have to played as though it was the tablet version clicking everything. 


Yes I have tried launching it with the terminal and the same problem arises, keyboard is non functional. 


I also tend to rely on the keyboard since in many situations placing your party or characters precisely can require the arrow keys as the space you want to select is pretty much impossible to select. 

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And don't answer 'arrows' because there haven't been arrows since Exile. Which leaves thrown weapons as the outlier missile weapon which can run out (and are bloody heavy in Av4). So either give us arrows again or make the bows available or cut it out. I miss arrows of light for eg. 


Yes, I've been playing these for a LOOONG time. 

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For future reference, please don't spam a bunch of short comments that could have easily been combined into one post. Also, the place for a "general complaint" is it's own thread, not a string of off-topic comments in the FAQ/guide thread.

Thank you, be nice to the fluffy turtles, and have a pleasant day.

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