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Is there a way to hide or minimize Geneforge 2 on the Mac?


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I've tried command-H, command-M and command-tab. Nothing seems to work to minimize Geneforge 2 or allow me to switch to another application. This is really frustrating to me as I sometimes have to quit the game every 5 minutes to answer instant messages. I hope someone knows a way to do this or to run in windowed mode, this is driving me nuts! Thank you for your help.

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Thanks for the information. I'm on MacOS X though and I just checked and it doesn't work there. When you press escape it brings up a box with options, but there is no access to any type of menu or the dock. Anyone have another way to do it under OS X? Or is there any chance Spiderweb might add command-H support it to a future patch to allow the game to be properly hidden?

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