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Avernum 5 ?


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Will Avernum 5 or any mac version spiderweb games for that matter, run on a pc that is using Mac OSX as an O/S ??

Sorry, if this is a dumb question, i know that pc's and macs use opposite Endian formats but as you now get Intel macs, this makes me wonder if OSX converts the Endian format depending what chip its running on, acting as an emulator ?? Either that or if i run an emulator like Basilisk2 or PearPC, (which both require OSX and run on PC's) will the mac versions of spiderweb games ( Specifically Avernum 5 ) then run a pc ??

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I can only do some guessing here, since I never tried it out, but still:


1.) Avernum 5 runs on Mac OS X and doesn't really care if it's OS X on a PPC or Intel platform (it's Universal Binary) - BTW: OS 10.4 has been coded to run native on both platforms. It's not emulated on either.


2.) If you can get OS X to run on a PC (albeit with emulation software) I don't see why Avernum 5 (or any other Mac OS X compatible Spiderweb game) shouldn't.


3.) The endian format is something the emulator has to handle (and has been doing since the dawn of virtual PC). Performance may be sluggish due to this 'translation' on the fly, but it should run on a decent platform.


4.) When in doubt try it out. Download the demo and hack away.

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Many thanks for the info Locmaar, i knew that OSX could run on a pc, i just don't know anything about macs or Intel macs (well, macs period) and how they work/ their architecture.


Thralni, i know a few people who have had OSX running on their pc's, all seem to accomplished it in different ways, one of them told me that they used a genuine mac OSX installation disk, borrowed from a friend and used it as is, not hacking or other software involved, some have used a so called 'special' pc installation disk of OSX and others use pearpc or basilisk2. I myself have never tried any of them, but i am going to give it a go smile Hopefully it will work, not sure which method to use, or which one gives the best performance, trial and error i suppose.

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