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Monsters resetting in BoE


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I'm trying to play VoDT, and the monsters in the dungeons keep coming back to life. I kill a bunch of monsters, go back to town, heal up and spend my gold, come back, and voila! Same monsters that I already killed are now attacking me. Now, maybe I'm just a stupid Avernum user, but when I kill monsters, I expect them to STAY DEAD. Is this not true of the Exile series? Is something going wrong? Do people know what I'm talking about?


If it matters, I'm running Mac OS 10.2.

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Nethergate/Avernum does tend to have better mechanics for the kinds of stories Spiderweb likes to tell. But any number of talented Blades designers have taught me that, should you want to tell some other kind of story, the dowdy old Exile engine can do some spectacular things.


If you can excuse VoTD's gameplay suffering from its understandable interest in demonstrating design featuers to prospective scenario authors, it is worth slogging through it and the other prepackaged scenarios. Good stuff lies beyond.

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