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Geneforge 1 runs slowly under WinXP

Michael Pearson

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Geneforge runs excellently on my laptop, a 2ghz Centrino running Windows XP Home. However, when I install the demo on my desktop PC, a 3ghz Athlon running Windows XP Pro, there's noticable slowdown when there are more than three or four animated sprites on the machine. People, creations, animated fire, just slows the mouse pointer and character movement right down.


Also, I notice that Geneforge 1 on the laptop seems to be taking 100% CPU despite not actually doing very much at all. While a lesser concern than the slowdown on the desktop, it's generally not healthy on my battery life.


I've tried closing all other running programs and I recently did a full virus / spyware sweep. Other programs (Oblivion, for example) run excellently.




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Sorry Jeff, no joy there.


I'm running:

Windows XP Pro SP2

on a

Athlon 64 3800+

1gb ram

Nvidia 6800GT


Latest DirectX, sound, and graphics drivers. Also reinstalled Geneforge.


Might play with various graphics settings later, just to see if I can isolate the problem. As I said before it seems to be based on the number of animated sprites on the screen at one time. I am running non-WHQL certified Nvidia drivers, though, but I doubt that's the problem.

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Yep. Downloaded the latest Nvidia / Creative drivers and installed them. Uninstalled / downloaded / reinstalled the demo. Only thing I can do here is move from the Nvidia-beta drivers back to the official release, which I'm reluctant to do, as it'll trash my Oblivion frame rates smile


I didn't redownload DirectX, however.


No, I'm not running on multiple monitors.


Looking at that thread posted I notice that all the systems reporting problems are AMD64's.. could be a factor here, too.

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Forgot to mention: I'm a developer, too, so if there's any weird diagnostics or thread information you want me to capture, let me know. I'm more at home under UNIX than Windows but I can adapt.


Also: AV was disabled, all non-essential services were also shutdown.


To be honest, for me it's not a showstopper. I usually play Geneforge on the laptop anyway. When I get home from work I'll give AV4 a try and see if the same thing happens there.

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