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Win2k assistance required ... blah

Wise Man

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i think it was because of an earlier ICQ hacking incident, but my computer got f***ed up. once in a while, every 2-5 mins the services.exe process suddenly eats up all of my CPU power bringing my comp to its knees... i've already experienced plenty of this annoying bs while doing almost ANYTHING with my comp...



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Um, you're pretty much stuck, I guess. I have had the same problem a couple of times, but it went away after a while. Are you still using ICQ? If yes, uninstalling it might help. Then if you need an IM to replace ICQ, use Integrity messenger, since it adapts with all famous IM's. If you already uninstalled it, the problem might go away on it's own. Or it might not. Sorry I can't help more. Well, actually, I'll check up on the Microsoft Website for this problem. I will post later if I find anything.

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Okay, I found some articles on the Microsoft support site. You might need to get the latest service pack from the Microsoft Website. If you do have it, and are still experiencing the problem, one of your programs made an access violation. Rebooting the computer is one of the only ways out. You won't be able to end the task without the tool kill.exe which is on the Microsoft Website. Here are all the articles I found pertaining to the problem:


I don't get it. Every time I post the link without the URL tag, I get...the URL tag! Bah! Okay, it might be messed up, but it'll get you there, cuz I don't know of any other way to post it on these boards...


http://support.microsoft.com/search/default.aspx?InCC_hdn=true&Catalog=LCID%3D1033%26CDID%3DEN-US-KB%26PRODLISTSRC%3DON&withinResults=&QuerySource=gASr_Query&Product=msall&Que ryc=service.exe&Query=service.exe&KeywordType=ALL&maxResults=25&Titles=false&numDays=&InCC=on

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Tool site.




Kill.exe wink


Hope that'll help somewhat.


Put it in your WinNT directory and have a shortcut to it on your desktop so you can get to it quickly. If Win2000 doesn't have a WinNT directory, then it goes somewhere else...and I don't know where that somewhere else is. I'll go check it out.

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