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Avernum 3 crashing in Tiger (Mac OS 10.4)


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I initially ran Avernum 3 (OS X version) in Jaguar (Mac OS 10.2) without any problem. Now I've skipped Panther and gone right to Tiger. When I run the game, every time I get a dialogue box (say, from an encounter), upon hitting OK to close the box, the game crashes and a blue field fills the screen. Hitting ESC brings you back to the Finder, but the game has closed. It does this with any such dialogue box.


My video card for Tiger is an ATI 9200 (64MB). In Jaguar, it was an ATI Rage (the old 16MB one). However, I don't think it's a video card problem, since everything else runs fine. Some bug seems to be triggered by the game closing a dialogue box and going back to the normal overhead map.


Is there a patch? Any help is appreciated.

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