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A few minor things

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First of all...

Brodus Blade was female in GF1. Somehow, she became male in GF2. Or were there just some typos?

The same thing happened with Lietz...



How many canisters can you use without having your character get extra reactions(Like having glowing skin)?



Where are the Infiltrator items? Can you get them in the demo?


Is there an Xian Living tool like there was in GF1?


Should I sell some of my 41 living tools that my shaper is carrying? He already has the unlock spell.


Well...that's it.

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You need to use 10 canisters before your skin starts to glow and you get a different ending. Being modified on the special machines counts as one canister.


I'm not sure if the Infiltrator items are in the demo but they do exist somewhere. Sorry I can't be of more use there.


The Xian Living tool is located under a concealed doorway under Gramplin's bedroom rug. You need to ask Sherry about how to disarm the trap first before going there, or you're going to be smelling the Xian Poison.

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