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It seems there a very few calls related to the player.


give_char_item(char, item)




set_level(...)? <it seems not to be recommended?>


The appendix also lacks info about the game limits for various calls, such as duration for setting the character 'status' <featherfall, flying etc>.


It would be nice to have a more complete set of functions and better documentation.





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Status Ranges

The legal range for most statuses if 0 to 250 (so it can have any value from 0, for no status, to 250, the maximum). There are some exceptions. Bless, Shield, and Haste can have a negative value, and can range from –250 to 250. Sleep, Charm, and Paralyze can be at most 10 (so a character can’t magically sleep for over 10 turns).
I quote the Appendices. Perhaps you should read it more closely.

The calls not only apply to PCs, but NPCs as well. You can use them on either a party member or a creature. That is a lot of versatilitiy, in my opinion.
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