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I deleted the Exile trilogy and now my Start Menu's screwed up...


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For some reason, none of the game's in the Exile trilogy were working on my computer, so I deleted them. Now, my Start Menu ends below my screen, and the last row is "cut off." This happened immediatly after I deleted Exile III, so I assume that had something to do with it. I am pretty computer inept, so if anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.


EDIT:I forgot, I re-downloaded Exile but for some reason it wouldn't install. Now I can't delete it. A message comes up saying that it's being used by another program, even though I deleted everything else that came with it.

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Try putting your mouse cursor at the very bottom of the screen. It should change to an up and down arrow. Click and drag up. Chances are that you have the Exile game open but minimized and that's why it won't let you delet it. If you press Control-Alt-Delete together a box should pop up where you can choose to end the program.

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Well, I restored all three games, and now they work. Go figure. Anyway, Start Menu is back to normal, sort of. It is still lower than it should be, but nothing is cut off. I'll remember that uninstallation thing. Should of known better. Thank you to all that responded.



Warrior Kirby is pleased.

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