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Geneforge 2 bug , need help badly.


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I have downloaded the demo for Geneforge 2 , and I really like the game and want to register and get the full version but I am getting a horrible bug/crash/conflict .. something !


When I open up the "get" screen and there are items most of the time the game freezes and locks up my computer. A horrible beep comes through the speakers and I have to manually reboot. I have tried reinstalling and redownloading and reinstalling the game. Running a virus scanner, updating my video card drivers.


I am running a p4 2.8

soundblaster audigy platinum

ati radeon all in wonder pro 9700

gig of ram

windows xp


The game should not have a problem running on my computer. I do not understand what this bug is stemming from as I was told the game was practically bug free. I really really want to play this game but this is keeping me from getting anywhere really.


I have even tried setting my resolution to 800x600 to see if it was some kind of resolution bug but it is still freezing at the "get" screen. Its odd because sometimes it will work fine for a little bit. And then others it will crash the first time the get screen opens.


Please help.





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Do you have the most current version? There is a patch out, and it may not hurt to give it a try. The only other thing I can think of is that you may have a conflict with another program. Make sure not to run many other programs in the background, and check for spyware.


Anyways, your computer should be more than able to handle this game. I'm not sure what's up.

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