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Custom Graphic Problems


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Recently I started adding custom objects to my scenario and everything seems ok, apart from three things:


1. The display graphic of character 0 (1st person in the party) doesn't load any more. I never touched the character graphic yet now there is only a black square where my character used to be. I can change the character graphic to another within the game and it will work fine, but it's a hassle and I can't find out why it has a problem.


2. I created a custom wall graphic by first importing wall 4 and then loading the new custom graphic. Then I used te_second_icon with te_second_icon_offset_y = -35 to add another wall on top and this is where it all went wrong.

In addition to the second icon graphic, stone walls and doors appear at the same elevation. How do I get rid of these?


3. I used import = 225 to create a chair facing north with te_light_radius = 3 (don't ask). It seems to have imported the chair graphics, but not the properties. The useful thing about chairs is that you should actually be able to sit down on them...


EDIT: Grammar

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Okay, I think I see some problems:


1. Have you tinkered with the Character Graphics file in the BoA Files folder at all? Otherwise, I can't see what would cause this.


2. I don't quite get what you mean... did you make a new set of walls? A screenshot would probably help with this one.


3. Don't mess with the chairs. Copying them never works correctly. It'd be easier to just put down a regular chair, then put invisible light sources around it.


EDIT: For some reason I quoted the post...

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1. Looked at it, didn't tinker with it. The weirdest thing is that the missing character graphic is still there.


2. Front View


Back View:


I have no idea what's going on here.


EDIT: Could it be something to do with the y offset value (too low perhaps)? Maybe this is the result of the two graphics colliding...


3.Ok, that's annoying - there's no space around the chairs (see screenshot).

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If you don't need a backstage, it'd be easier not to have one.


Have you made sure that all of your custom graphics are numbered between 500 and 600? This might account for messing up the graphic of the first character, if not.


As far as getting lighting around the chairs, you could place lights in the editor (so that the whole area is lit) and then change them to chairs in the INIT_STATE with a few set_terrain calls. The light will stay, but the room will have chairs. (The HLPM does something like this.)

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What can I say? I strive for realism, but in this case it seems I'll have to compromise backstage access. Then again, it's important because there will be countless other times when this problem could happen again.


After checking the graphics file numbers I noticed that G1650 (the lost graphic) shared the file name with a custom graphic in the character graphics folder - problem solved smile .


I didn't realise that you can't just add 1 to the number of the last file in each folder...


Concerning the chairs, my initial aim was to use the set_terrain call to change the light producing chairs to normal ones (thus dimming the lights in the audience). Chairs were the only objects available to keep the center of the room lit. Good idea, but not helpful in my case (unless there is some way to dim the light left behind).


Two reasons my graphics have not been submited to the Louvre:


1. They are poor quality, I did them in 5 minutes on paint.


2. They are incomplete, I would rather submit them when the collection looks half decent.


Thanks for the comments and advice.

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Designer FAQ, Q4. There's no way to change town lighting within a town. If your chairs were light-producing, the room would be lit even after they were removed.


The best workaround for this situation is probably to use a move_to_new_town to get the party to an identical-looking room in a town without the lights.

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