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Teleporter Graphic

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I have several teleporter graphics that Luz sent me, so if you are going to use them, credit her, and not me. I believe one of these is available elsewhere (the BoE one), but the water and Nether gates aren't. I'll include everything I was sent, minus the editor sheet which I've lost.


Download link for Luz\'s Portals.


As for a teleporter that has various locations, it's really easy. First, you need to decide limitations - I'm going to say the party can only go to places they know the code for, like A2, instead of say, having to touch pylons like in the A4 system. Just follow this example:


First, set the portal up...


 reset_dialog();add_dialog_str(0,"This is a portal, which will take you anywhere you have the right code for.",0);add_dialog_str(1,"What do you wish to do?",0);add_dialog_choice(0,"Do nothing.");add_dialog_choice(1,"Say a code, and use the portal.");
Now, set what happens if the party doesn't do anything, first, and then the actual teleporting (all of the code will just go together in your script):


 if(run_dialog(1) == 1) {   block_entry(1);    end(); } else {   check_text_response_match("CODE");   if(got_text_match())   move_to_new_town(new_town,x,y)}
That's just a basic version - you can have more than one code, and you can give a message if the player uses the wrong code, and so on.
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Alternatively, I've taken to using runes instead of portals. Comes in handy for something slightly less extravagant (although for that kind of script, I suspect you're looking for an attention-grabber anyway). An easy-ish way to make your own, if you wanted to, would be to use an existing door graphic as a base, then edit in a paint program from there.


Also, welcome to Spiderweb. You'll never escape with your sanity. (Bwahaha…)

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