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Calling all Scenarios


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Dear scenario designers, currently only 5 of the 8 scenarios are listed on Spiderweb's BoA site:

Emerald Mountain

The Cave of No Return


Roses of Reckoning

A Perfect Forest


I need your help to list the others.

Can the authors of the missing scenarios submit their scenarios to blades@spiderwebsoftware.com? The missing ones are:


Canopy: Manufactured Womb

Death at Chapmans


Also, I'm starting a utilities scenario page, the only entry I have for it so far is the High Level Party Maker. Any other useful utilities can be emailed to me at blades@spiderwebsoftware.com.


Mariann Krizsan

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I was holding off on submitting Canopy until I was sure that all of the bugs were out of it, but it seems to almost be that way already.


EDIT: Forgot about some lingering complaints about the Zauberer fight. I'll hold off until the people getting this error give me more conclusive reports or I am able to replicate the error myself, although I haven't been able to thusfar.

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Back to the update: What is currently in development. This is a summary. It is all up in the clouds and I am waiting for another scenario to pop out of the toaster. Can't wait.


Since I last checked Lost Bahssikava, Canopy, and Backwater Calls came out.


There were others in development:


Dahak-- Longshanks

Retr-O-- Saint Brevity and the Oochie squad

Supanik-- The Yedda Prophecy and Hope

Overwhelming-- Roussa

Solodric-- Archmage Ascension

Hawk King- The Way of the Guild


Poit, Venom, Jade Wolf and Killercrono were working on unspecified works. Spineraker might be working on something-- guessing on this one.


Jonah Zolohahni-- might be starting another one. (corrected)

Terrors Martyr-- requesting graphics for new scenario.


Lynkfox-- mentioned was working on mob graphics for a new scenario with his girlfriend.

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This party ran through all of the scenarios-- starting with valley of the dying things. It ran through every scenario in Blades of Avernum. The items which are shown are from-- Archmagi Michaels Scenario (at least five times) never released, betatested A Perfect Forest, Canopy, Lost Basshikava-- chopped through the unedited Catacombs easily, Backwater Calls, etc. They betatested through all of the high level scenarios at least three times-- the party is 82nd level. With the various knowledge brews and bonuses skills and abilities to be bought in the scenarios-- they are probably scarier than what someone would cook up in the editor on the first try.


Scenarios completed are listed as 31. Plus went through one or two test areas that are not listed-- Battle Arena. The aim is to see if I can build a party up to God Level without using the HLPM or editor to raise levels.


I think they will be strong enough to beat up a god party in a couple more scenarios. The items which Ssamson is carrying are Finely Crafted Shield (DWTD), Polished Platemail (yes I bought this from the HLPM), Hidden City Spear (Undead Valley), Miracle Helmet (Canopy), Miracle Boots (Canopy), Magical Greaves (Canopy), Blademasters Bracelet ( Basshikava), Khoths Charm, Ring of Vahkohs (DWTD), Giantish Gauntlets (Backwater Calls), Blessed Vahnati Bow (Undead Valley cheesy), 63 steel arrows, the other stuff is the most powerful items from the scenarios.-- Invulnerability Bracelet from Backwater calls, protection brews, rod of illusion canopy, defensive dagger (DWTD). Carrying Hidden City Cloak (Undead Valley). The hit points are the result of having Divinely Touched. The party has all the nastiest stuff from the scenarios in various combinations.


(The party is Power Gamed-- trying to make the nastiest possible party without using the editor.

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