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how does this work?

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Last night, I added a special encounter rectangle to a town, and the only way I could get it to be recognized was to go back to a saved game before the party had ever entered that town.


I just now added another, and simply leaving town and re-entering forces it to be recognized. Same town, same exact save file that last night didn't work, different special encounter rectangle (but actually quite near the one that didn't work). The only difference I can think of is that the one last night covered several squares, and the one today only one? So... someone (presumably Jeff), could you please explain to me the rules governing what forces special encounter rectangles to be reloaded and when?


It gets rather frustrating, with my "design it as you need it" style, not having a clue whether what I just added isn't working because I have a bug in it, or because it doesn't init on every town entry. confused

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