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Dialogue help.

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Since I've now got half-term I was considering finishing off ETS. However, my BIG problem is dialogue. I just can't seem ot make dialogue work - ever (as anyone who's played UV can tell).


Is there an easy-to-learn dialgue guide (not the cookbook or the docs) that someone stupid like me might be able to use.


Also: What is the POINT of INTRO?


- Archmagus Micael

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Question 1: What exactly seems to be the problem? You don't understand how dialogue works, from node to node? You don't understand how you should write it? What's exactly the matter?


Question 2: INTRO let's you make a text that the player reads when he first meets the character. When the player meets that same charatcre a second time, you don't see the text one saw at the first meeting, but you see another text. that way you can make things like this:



"You meet a lovely young chickens with feathers all around it"


SECOND MEETING (and all other meetings (third fourth etc.))

"You meet the chicken again. This time, the chicken knows who you are, and starts picking at your feet"

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The docs are actually quite good at explaining dialogue. Kel's website should have something though, I'm sure.


And as for INTRO... it changes what the player sees, as Thralni said, but here is an example:


 begintalknode 1;state = -1;nextstate = -1;question "Character Name";text1 = "You meet a guy called Trevor.";text5 = "You meet Trevor again."; action = INTRO;
In this (simple) example, the first time you talk to Trevor, you see text1 (and 2,3,4). Next time you start a conversation with him, you see text5 (and 6,7,8).


That okay?

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Micael: The only two things written about dialogue are in the Cookbook and on my site.


The best way to figure out dialogue is to look at a simple example, like something in VoDT, and then try to make a very simple dialogue of your own. Just keep testing your own simple dialogue until you get how it works.

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