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Hi, im trying to install Exile 2 (this problem appears in al the other Exiles I tried) and I click install then it says "Setup 16

An error has accurred in your program and will now close" or something like that, how can I fix this?

Win ME

GeForce MX 420

319 MB

PS. I tried installing it under 256 colors mode but it still happens.

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Originally written by Eldibs:
Actually I heard Win2000 has some compatability issues with older programs.
Some games don't work at all with windows 2000 like Betrayal at Krondor, others don't function as well as they should (Return to Krondor) or you need to have administrator priviledges to load and play the game (the Sims) but I haven't any problems with any of the windows spiderweb games on my windows 2000 computer. The games are pretty robust little buggers. smile
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