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New version of the Mac 3D Editor


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Version 1.0.4, with new features like:

  • In town mode, there are now cretaure and item palettes. Access them by continuing to press space after reaching height mode OR
  • Use Command-1 through Command-5 to jump directly to the different editing modes: floors, terrains, heights, creatures, and items
  • When a creature is selected, Shift-Right and Shift-Left rotate the direction it is facing
  • In height mode, The paintbrushes and spray cans are usable. Hold Command while using them to lower the affected areas.
  • Hold Shift and click on the 'Set height' tool's button to access the 'Change Height' tool, which allows you to add a constant value to the height of each square in a rectangle.
  • Function Buttons are now hilighted when the corresponding tool is active.
  • The open dialog now only allows files whose type is 'BoAX' (Or whose extension is .bas, since Windows is too dumb to store filetypes properly. :p ) to be opened. The open dialog for porting BoE scenarios only allows files whose type is 'BETM' (or whose extension is .exs).
  • Double clicking a file in the Finder whose type is 'BoAX' will cause the 3D Editor to open it. (If you double click a .bas file and you get a dialog saying that there is no defualt application to open that file, select the 3D Editor and it will open all .bas files from then on.)

Find it on my utilities page .

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I seem to remember you saying that you use Objective-C. Is that Mac only? If not, how much of the code is OS-dependent? Maybe if you put the source in a tarball or a zip...


Course, my knowledge of standard C/C++ is limited, and getting rusty. I'm hoping to spend some time refreshing during the Christmas break.



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None of the 3D editor is Objective-C, it's all still C with a dash of C++. Unfortunately, the stumbling block that's stopping me from doing WIndows ports is the drastically different graphics libraries that the Windows and Mac versions use, along with the drastically different handling of dialogs and menus. And the source code was posted at the same time as the application itself. (I've learned that lesson, since I didn't upload the Windows Dialogue Editor Code immediately, and I think it's now lost forever. Oops.)


If you, Dintiradan, or anyone else, want to work on the Windows version I'll be happy to give you all the help I can. I'll admit that in my excitement to start work, I sort of forgot to document any of what I was doing, but for any given feature I can describe which parts of the program I had to alter and how to do the things I did. Besides, I've spent a lot of time figuring out how the thing works, and I'd be happy to share the knowledge rather than make others try to figure it out for themselves.

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No, I'm afraid that the Windows source for DE was never on my site at any time. The only copy was on the hard drive of a computer at the student group where I spend most of my time at school. Said hard drive has died or disappeared, and the computer it was in has been disassembled and its parts dispersed. I appreciate your looking for the code, but I think it is well and truly lost. Of course, it's not a dreadful loss, since the code for both versions was 95% the same, and I'm unlikely to ever update it.

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Yes, I think we've all assumed that anyone working on the windows editor will start from that. it does after all, compiler perfectly already. The difficulty it not from finding a library to use, but the fact that the Mac and Windows versions use different libraries. Thus the code for any of the changes that I made in the Mac version must be substantially rewritten in the windows version. I've tried before, and between unfamiliarity with the library in question, unfamiliarity with the IDE, and a dismally slow old PC, I just don't have the time to do the job.

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