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Propose: Interscenario Items


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I wonder... does BoA allow custom items to be used across scenarios?


If so, maybe scenario makes can implement a number of special items that trigger suitable responses in other scenarios sharing the emarian world. (Even if it is "We don't care about rank here")




Dervish's Certificate

Medal of Avernum

Magi Clearance



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Ah but I am not asking for the objects themselves to hold scripts - they would just be scroll-type items that cannot be used. I am saying that a scenario that supports such items might include a greeter, who would look through the player's inventory to see whether he holds an item with a certain name, or whatever, and modifying game variables as required. Is that possible?

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How about this? At the end of the scenario, the games checks to see which custom items the party has and gives the player a password which when starting a second scenario (Part 2, let's say) asks for the password. Depending on the password, the player would be given back these items.


This could also work for actions the player has commited in the first game so npc's react differently or perhaps even different events would occur in the 2nd game. Of course, this would only work for a series of games designed by the same designer.


I did this in the beginning of Adv. Club 3 by use of an interview, in a very simplified manner.

And I'm planning on using this technique more extensively in a series I am toying with in the back of my head for BoA.

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