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Strange terrain behaviour in the outdoors


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In WtRM, there is this place where the outdoor terrain altered. The actual altering of placing stones and changing floors is quite all right, but there also happens something that shouldn't be happening: for some reason, the terrain "shoots up", making these large towers of earth. the freakish thing is, is that there is no set_height call anywhere in the script.


The script:


 //Outdoor Script for x = 2  y = 1beginoutdoorscript;variables;int a,choice;body;beginstate INIT_STATE;break;beginstate START_STATE;if (get_flag(16,0) == 9) {		set_terrain(14,25,138); // All terrain modifications		set_terrain(15,25,137);		set_terrain(17,25,137);		set_terrain(18,25,138);		set_terrain(43,26,137);		set_terrain(15,26,138);		set_terrain(16,26,137);		set_terrain(17,26,137);		set_terrain(18,26,138);		set_terrain(14,20,138);		set_terrain(15,20,138);		set_terrain(19,19,137);		set_terrain(19,16,138);		set_terrain(19,15,138);		set_terrain(18,15,137);		set_terrain(13,16,137);		set_terrain(13,17,138);		set_terrain(14,17,137);		set_terrain(15,16,137);		set_terrain(10,29,137);		set_terrain(13,29,138);		set_terrain(18,28,138);		set_terrain(21,28,138);		set_terrain(19,29,138);		set_terrain(20,30,138);		set_terrain(23,30,137);		set_terrain(19,31,137);		set_terrain(18,32,138);		set_terrain(17,33,137);		set_terrain(19,33,137);		set_terrain(23,32,138);		set_terrain(23,34,138);		set_terrain(16,33,137);		set_terrain(13,33,138);		set_terrain(15,36,138);		set_terrain(18,37,137);		set_terrain(19,37,137);		set_terrain(7,29,137);		set_terrain(5,29,137);		set_terrain(4,24,138);		set_terrain(4,23,138);		set_terrain(4,21,137);		set_terrain(4,17,138);		set_terrain(4,25,138);		set_terrain(6,29,137);				set_floor(15,16,89); // All floor modifications		set_floor(14,16,89);		set_floor(16,18,44);		set_floor(14,25,73);		set_floor(15,25,89);		set_floor(16,25,89);		set_floor(17,25,89);		set_floor(18,25,74);		set_floor(14,26,72);		set_floor(15,26,89);		set_floor(16,26,72);		set_floor(17,26,74);		set_floor(18,26,72);		set_floor(10,29,1);		set_floor(13,29,3);		set_floor(19,28,73);		set_floor(21,29,73);		set_floor(23,30,1);		set_floor(20,30,3);		set_floor(12,31,73);		set_floor(17,31,73);		set_floor(14,32,73);		set_floor(19,33,1);		set_floor(21,33,73);		set_floor(16,35,73);		set_floor(18,36,73);		set_floor(19,37,1);		set_floor(21,37,73);		set_floor(23,37,73);		set_floor(22,39,73);		set_floor(7,29,1);		set_floor(5,29,3);		set_floor(4,24,3);		set_floor(4,23,1);		set_floor(4,22,1);		set_floor(4,17,1);		set_floor(4,25,3);		set_floor(5,29,1);		}break;beginstate 10;if (get_flag(121,0) == 1) {		set_flag(18,0,0);		}break;beginstate 11;	reset_dialog();	add_dialog_str(0,"",0);	add_dialog_str(1,"",0);	add_dialog_choice(0,"Not yet.");	add_dialog_choice(1,"I'd like to leave now.");	choice = run_dialog(1);		if (get_flag(5,12) == 0) {			if (choice == 1) {					message_dialog("That is good news for Riverrod. Many people will thank you for this stay.","");					block_entry(1);					}				if (choice == 2) {						message_dialog("","");						end_scenario(0);						}				}		if (get_flag(5,12) == 1) {			if (choice == 1) {					message_dialog("","");					block_entry(1);					}				if (choice == 2) {						message_dialog("","");						message_dialog("","");						message_dialog("THE END","");						end_scenario(1);						}				}break;beginstate 12;if (get_flag(121,0) == 1) {		set_flag(18,0,1);		}break;beginstate 13;if (get_flag(26,1) == 0) {		block_entry(1);		end();		}	if (get_flag(121,1) == 1)			end();		message_dialog("","");		set_flag(121,1,1);break;beginstate 14;	message_dialog("","");break; 
And a screenshot of how it looks like is here: http://thralni.ermarian.net/Afbeelding2.png
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