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Nethergate Problem


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I don't know why, but everytime after I click "OK" on something--anything, Nethergate closes... It doesn't affect anything else.


I'm pretty aware of viruses and problems, but this hasn't happened before on my older computer (just found the Nethergate CD recently).


I'm running XP pro, AMD

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Lol yes, I've tried reinstalling. It's "fixed"... to an extent. I updated--duh to myself >_<--and it stopped having that problem, but now there's another one, though not as severe.


Now, even though I tell it to "Never Change Resolution", it still asks me if I want to or not each time I load up Nethergate. Then there is the annoying issue of Nethergates being too fast if I set it anywhere above "Quite Slow", which is the lowest speed. Each move I make turns into two or three >_< Though putting it into "Quite Slow" helps a lot on the issue, it also makes effects such as: taking group damage, ending turn for player's party and monster's party, and certain encounterings.


I know it's not perfect, but these problems weren't an issue on my older computer--that ran ME--... I have a pretty good idea it's XP and my computer speed, but I was hoping there'd still be an solution.


*Also I found 2 misspellings so far ^^--joking laugh , the typos dont bother me at all.

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