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Editors' Bugs


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This error occurs for both the original and the 3D editors.


Floors 194, 195 acts as if you placed a sign on the floor. The original editor crashes, the 3D editor does not. These signs cannot be read in the game, but they can be edited in the editor.




Does this happen to anyone else?



OS 10.4.5

3D Editor v1.0.2b6

Original Editor v1.1

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You mean the terrains, not the floors, I assume.


There have been problems reported with reading signs in-game. This is known.


As far as why the editor crashes, though, I have no idea. I have placed the signs — probably with an older version of the 2D editor — and had no problem.

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Floors don't have custom scripts, do they? I know that mine do not. They have a name, sheets, and icons. An import of the floor to some other number does not reproduce this effect. I think there is an error in the editors' actual code somewhere.


Try this:


begindefinefloor 194;

import = 0; //Cave floor


Do you get the problem I describe?

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I managed to reproduce the bug, so I'm pretty certain that it's the editors themselves.


This is probably just another case of: "I'm perpetually lazy, so I'll just slightly modify the code to the previous game/edtior I released and hope for the best.", commonly known as "Jeff's code sucks."

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