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post-nuclear setting, would it be possible?

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Probably, but it would be with magic. You can't disable the magic. (I'm not sure if there is a way to prevent players from using it.)


It would also have little oddities. For example, if you wanted a gun which can run out of ammunition, you would have to tell the game that it's a crossbow (or a bow).


BoE and BoA are best for fantasy settings. If you wanted a fantasy fallout, it's probably possible.


Incidentally, there is a BoE scenario called Nightfall which is based on an Asimov book. BoE is now open source (and hence free), so you could try that out to see if it is the type of scenario you would like to make.


And remember that BoA can do more things than BoE.


In case you don't know:

BoE = Blades of Exile

BoA = Blades of Avernum

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TM did do it in Avatar. Kel actually did it to a whole party in LP though, and returned it at the end which I thought was nice of him. Just make two loops, one to go through the party and one to go through the 19 spells, setting them all to 0. Not that tough (See the "Prefab Party" code snippet I posted at the Blades Forge for an idea of how to overhaul the party. Specifically the spell loop (easily adapted to a full party))


The main barrier to a Fallout kind of setting would be graphics, I think. The engine isn't a big deal; bows turn into guns and arrows turn into bullets, crossbows turn into heavy guns and bolts turn into missiles or something, throwing weapons become grenades and such, and melee weapons become primitive improv bashing tools. Boom-- you're done.


Edit: If you really wanted to get fancy you could do away with the standard "Fire missile" function all together, and just have a special item called "Fire Weapon", which does different things to the target depending on what 'gun' and 'ammo' you have equipped. You could have machine guns, missile launchers, grenades, bullet piercing ammo, sniper rifles, range affecting chance to hit-- the works.

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Originally written by Funkadelic:
Originally written by Jeran Korak:
TM's LP removed magic. I'm not sure what he used, but try asking him.
Kelandon wrote LP, not TM. I'm not sure either of them will thank you for confusing them for each other. :p
*points to sig*

As has been said, the main problem would be the graphics. The engine manipulation wouldn't be too bad; new abilities are directly supported, and items can add even more versatile new abilities.
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thanks for the suggestions smile

i'll try something as soon as i get some basics on using BoA. as for now, i'm only fancing.

so, shouldn't magic be disabled, is there a chance to get their name and description changed? for example that would be changing a AoE damage spell like the fireball in a AoE item such as a hand grenade. of course i know it wouldn't be realistic having grenades based on how much MP you have, but this is just a very start of some kind of brainstorming on how things should become.

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