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Changing pictures

Fox Lee

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Hi, hoping this articular forum is the right place for this. All I want to know is how to edit the character graphics for Avernum 3; I love the game, but the character pictures are... icky. I at least want the buff female fighter-type to wear some damn pants! XP


I've tried replacing them the conventional way, but the game crashes whenever it tries to load an edited graphic in-game (the character creation screen doesn't mind). At first I thought it might be a problem with the colour-depth or resolution of the dited pictures, but the I fixed 'em up, and still I have problems. Can anybody help me out here?


Alternatively, can anybody direct me to existing replacement portraits, preferably anime-style and/or featuring tanky women and slender guys?


Thanks ^^


[EDIT: The error message, if it matters, is an Unhandled Execption: C0000005 at Address: 00437a80.]

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