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I have a wee problem...


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I want to start using the Blades of Avernum editor NOW!!!


I have a PC with an internet connection that has managed to download the editor and the demo. I managed to get an emulator working on it that I thought met the specifications for BOA ("Macintosh with System 8.1 or later, 30 MB free RAM, 40 MB hard drive space, 800x600 screen resolution with 16 bit color.") Got an Message when I tried to run the proggies that they "might be damaged or not be able to run on this type of computer". Managed to get some of the earlier spiderweb games to work in the emulator (oceanbound and BoE). Wasted a whole day playing the Ocean Bound demo. Checked the requirements for the earlier Avernum games and discovered they needed at least a powermac. The emulator doesn't DO powermacs.




Acquired a powermac, discovered I had a wee problem with the powermac. It doesn't have a modem (does have a ethernet connection and cd drive though). My PC does (obviously) but doesn't have a cd writer that I could use to transfer the file. My friend who does have a cd writer is having major problems with her PC at the moment (don't ever buy a Dell computer, they are set up so you can't use generic parts so when something like your ram dies, like hers did, they charge you an arm and a leg for it).


I have four options:

1) Buy a modem for the powermac (complicated).

2) Buy a CD writer for the PC.

3) Persuade some kind BOA fan (in New Zealand or Australia, pref NZ) to send them to me on cd.

4) Find some way of getting the two computers to talk to each other, ie networking.


Options 1 and 2 I need to mull over but can anyone help me out with options 3 and 4? ie either sent me the demo and editor or give me some advice on how to network the PC and mac (what software and hardware do I need to use?).

The PC is running Windows 2000 and Mac is running OS 8.1.

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