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stuck in test of patience


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Thanks for your reply, but it doesn't work. You have exchanged the order of the runes. The secret passage can be accessed without the block only. The starting point of the puzzle is not the starting point of the block; in the room that the block falls into there is a ledge that I cannot lift the block over to get to the hidden pasage. Moving the block around the maze only gets me half way back.

Before I kiss $25.00 goodbye and erase this from my harddrive, can someone give me exact instructions on how to solve this?

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Do you even need to finish all 3 tests? If you've done some things on your way down, then it's not necessary. You may not even need to finish any if you honored the vahnatai spirits, awoke their elders, or have found a book in one of their forts. Did you do any of these? If so, then you can get by with just doing the other tests.

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