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The rope and the toadstools both probably function just fine if you equip them, which you can't. It's not clear if they're strange mistakes or oversights or odd game design humor, but they're around.


—Alorael, who wishes there were more swords with bonuses to polearms and spears with melee bonuses. In A5 it makes sense because of battle disciplines, and in Exile it make would make sense because of ambidexterity (not that those bonuses exist). In A1-4? Priceless.

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Originally written by brock petersdorf-nelson:
i found those toadstools used them in a potion, it became potion(+), and the character that drank it gained two strength. dunno if it was a glitch or if Jeff stuck them in there for that reason
Oh wow... I wonder what happens if you agument a pile of herbs and make potions with them.... Maybe it does the same thing? Someone should test this.
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I know I'm very late to this conversation, but I tried making a potion with the toadstools(+), and did *not* get a potion(+). (I tried it with every potion containing toadstools.) Another commenter has said the same thing in another thread.


I don't know whether Brock was mistaken or the game has changed, but this doesn't work now.


By the way, if you give the augmented toadstools to someone already carrying toadstools, they are added to the stack and their distinctiveness is lost.

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