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What time is it?

Swimmin' Salmon

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I find the order in which UBB sorts the topics to be amusing. Psuedo-chronological. Thought you might be interested Drakey. Not bothering to include it here, as it is a screen print which was not resized to preserve the material. This began happening after I discovered and began using the "next" button for navigating between topics.


Press here for 174 kb jpeg


*this message sponsored by thuryl - hoster of all my important graphics*

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Originally written by Spring:
Ohh. Didn't look at that one. I seen all the others, so I must of just thought that the hour (9) was an 8.

EDIT: When I seen the name of this topic, I thought it was just a random newbie asking for the time so they could set their watches.
How many people 9even newbies), will set their time to the boards?

- Archmagus Micael

On topic: odd, but not as odd as some things I've seen here. tongue
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t Spring - it is far more engaging to begin a unsolvable topic with the humor of an odd title that still gives an idea of the subject matter. I could have blamed a glitch, but there seemed to be nor harm, thus no foul. It was an odd thing, but it needed to be seen by Drakey in case it was symptomatic of a more serious problem.


As to the newbie thing, well we each get to form our own opinions and read the words we choose.


*this message sponsored by ubb - enriching lives one glitch at a time*

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Not unintentional ones in the middle of big projects/RP's, though. I think we got enough enjoyment out of the PPP's in response to intentional purges here; freaking out and searching frantically for saved topics and such and starting all over several times on Polaris was kind of a pain. And a few accounts eaten here and there is far better than all being eaten at once.


Whatever faults UBB has, I feel that my account is safer on Spiderweb than on Polaris. Good thing, too, seeing how much bigger Spiderweb is.

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