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Downloading the game

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Is there a way to download the game?  I dislike trying to play through the Steam client; quite apart from a dodgy internet connection, it's complaining it no longer works with Mac OS 10.14.  I can't see anywhere on the Steam page to download the app.

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58 minutes ago, Affable said:

Here's the url for G2: Infestation's order page (in the box to the right): https://spiderwebsoftware.com/geneforge2/index.html


And Mutagen's: https://spiderwebsoftware.com/geneforge/index.html

No, what I'm is how to download from Steam.  I was a KS backer for both and want to liberate my rewards so I don't need the Steam client to play.  You used to be able to download the full game from Steam, but there doesn't seem to be an option to do so now.

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