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Secret questline

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In this kickstarter it is written: "We got close to the third stretch goal. Close enough, we say! We will be putting a hidden quest line in the game, a tricky mission with powerful rewards that will only be found by the persistent. It’s the least we can do after you were all so generous in your support."

What's the "secret quest" hinted by this kickstarter?

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Just now, alhoon said:

Or the Emissary. 

I see that as more as just a quest you incidentally get in the same zone. A big, impactful quest in terms of effecting play and worldbuilding, to be sure, but I think the Big, Secret Questline is the one most analogous to the Secret Questline in Mutagen, the tale of the Ascended intersecting with the servant mind attempting to restore the cockatrice.

With Infestation, I think that's the (spoilers for onlookers) Sholai attempting to brave the abandoned Canister Workshop for a canister of Essence to bring back to their homeland. 

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