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How does a first aid kit work?

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Nioca, thanks a lot! This is the very thing I needed to know!

Garrison, I hope I'll check it someday smile

Originally by Randomizer

It's easier to use spells and/or potions.
Here I should agree with Bowlnik. What if you are short of mana and potions, but want a good fight? In this case First Aid will help, I think=)

The Mystic, good of you! wink

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Bit of a necro here - hope no one minds.


I recently decided I'd start a new game of A2, and opted to create a character that was supposed to be a bit of a technical or scholarly type, that was also a sort of soldier in a former life. As such, this character has fairly high starting tool use stats as well as a high first aid stat. I'll try and run some tests later, but does anyone know if tool use boosts first aid? I was surprised at how well first aid has worked so far - the only shortcoming is the original Avernums' sense of time and space, which limits the frequency at which you can use first aid. I cannot remember the stats off-hand, but starting off with a new party on Torment, the skill has been better than a L1 priest in most cases - when you can use it, of course.

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Tool Use shouldn't boost First Aid, but there may be a coding error since Jeff in the past has entered the wrong number. No one has mentioned it before, but most players don't use it for long because of number of times per day limit and the need to replace the kits for better results.

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Thanks, Randomizer!


Turns out I just had a really good spat of luck when using the kits when I started the game. There was ultimately no boost with higher or lower tool use levels when testing the efficacy of the first aid skill. This is actually a bit disappointing, really: it would make sense if being better with tools made you better at first aid! However, that's just the way it goes. :)

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