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Exile II: Random crash

Erika Maroonmark

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I'm at the battle in the Almaria warehouse, and every time I've tried it the game has unexpectedly quit (usually when a certain one of my characters casts a spell, but sometimes at other times as well). It's never done anything of the kind before. I restarted Classic, gave Exile II a bit more memory, and didn't do all the things you either can't do on Mac OS X or don't apply to me. I'm hesitant about reinstalling Exile II, though, since (as you can see from where I am) I'm registered. How do I reinstall it? Will my save file still work if I use the application on the CD? (Just making sure what exactly I have to do, before I screw something up. ^_^)


(Edit: Tried it two more times, and whatever my second mage {6th char} does, it quits. Pretty much, that character coming "up to bat", as it were, spells disaster, unless it crashes before it's her turn, which it did once or twice.)


Timeloop: I got the application off the CD but didn't delete anything that was on my computer; the same thing happened. Does that mean that it's the save file, which would mean that the games themselves are all right?

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