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Damage and Duration Mechanics

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How offensive ability strength is determined:




The base damage range (shown in the tooltip) is basically a good old die roll: for example, 4d6 + 5.


Die quantity = 1 + Character Level + Ability Skill (e.g. in Firebolt or Guarded Lunge) + Weapon Level (if a weapon-based attack)

Die size = fixed, depends on ability used.

Base damage = fixed, depends on ability used.


* If attacking unarmed with the Feisty Slap Gloves, Strength also adds to die quantity.


After rolling base damage, apply the bonus damage % (also shown in the tooltip).  Bonus damage % is mostly additive.  This is where you get +5% from Strength, +8% from Melee Weapons, etc.  Most sources are conditional, and the tooltips are not always precise as to when they apply:


Physical melee only: Strength

Physical ranged only: Dexterity

Any magical/elemental damage: Intellect

Melee Weapon attacks only: Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapon attacks only: Ranged Weapons

Melee/ranged attacks only: Guarded Lunge and Essence Lash modifiers

Spells only: Spellcraft

Spells of a particular school only: Battle Magic, Mental Magic, Blessing Magic, Healing Craft

Specific abilities only: the % bonuses certain abilities gain from extra skill, e.g. +25% per point in Firebolt beyond 1.

Everything: Statuses (War Blessing, Curse, Enraged, Overload, Rooted, etc.)


Everything (summed and then multiplied with the above total): flat % damage bonuses from equipment/charms (e.g. "+5% to melee damage")


* In the rare case that an ability does two types of damage (such as that one sword), the first damage type appears to determine which % bonuses are used for both damage components.



This is calculated basically the same way as damage.


Most status effects omit the dice component, and just have a fixed base duration.


Bonus duration % is much like bonus damage % with two exceptions:

1. Status duration always uses Intellect bonuses, never Strength or Dexterity bonuses.

2. Status duration uses "% to blessings/curses" equipment/charm bonuses rather than "% to damage" ones.


Bonus duration % is effectively applied with a little bit of variance, which is why you don't always get identical durations when casting the same spell, unless you have no such bonuses.


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