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Modding Discussions - Please be considerate of the potential wider impact

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Hey everyone,


Talking about modding, and the game's script and definitions files, is of course completely OK.  However, now that some of these topics are being linked to on Steam, I'd like to ask you to be thoughtful about how you discuss modding here.  Steam is a much larger audience, and if people are encouraged to make haphazard changes when they have no context for it and don't completely understand what they are doing, there is potential for frustration -- and for wasting Spiderweb's time, when they get complaints or bug reports that don't actually apply to the unmodified game.  (This is a thing that has happened in the past, and is why I personally stick on the little "don't bug Spiderweb" disclaimer.)


Please keep topics used to distribute individual mods (i.e., the ones with an attached file in the first post) simple and clear for the many brief visitors they are now getting.

- Please keep technical discussions/tutorials about scripting definitions/editing out of those topics

- Please do not encourage or give instructions for custom-editing somebody else's mod (it might not be as simple as it looks)

- If you're primarily talking about a different mod, please do it in that mod's topic instead


Thank you for keeping the Shaping Halls clean so the serviles don't have to pick up trash.  It gets stuck in their junk bag and they have pull each piece out one by one 😉

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Ohh... do you mean that steam users may find mods here from google or other sources? I am still not sure I understand but what I do understand is the instructions you, as a moderator, asked from us users of these forums. I don't need to understand your reasons for asking these quite reasonable things. I will simply follow the new rules.


Could you make this sticky? 

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This is great 😁 Just saw the Discussions tab in Steam (thought it was in the reviews at first). Modding is something to be concerned about now. It looks like even Jeff approves.


I'd come across a very, very old forum post in which he seemed very critical of modding. Wonder what changed his mind since then? And it's also great that he's continued to keep each game's scripts as editable text files that we can study and modify.

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