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Using a tablet with avernum 4


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Basically I was wondering if it is possible to use a tablet in Avernum 4.


When I use it in tablet mode (ie it determines your position and chooses the corresponding position on the screen) it moves much further than it should to the point where a tiny portion of the tablet maps to the whole screen.


I can't really use it another way so if I want to play it is on the tablet.

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This most likely has to do with Avernum's resolution. Your tablet may be incapable of mapping to multiple resolutions. You might want to try setting Avernum so that it does not change the resolution. Note that you will have to manually change your color depth to 16-bit (high color) before you start A4 with this option enabled. If that does not work, I'm afraid that you will not be able to play A4 in tablet mode.

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